Abdominal Binder with Drain Fasteners


Abdominal Binder with Drain Fasteners Made in USA NEW!!
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The abdominal binder with the addition of the patented sewn on fasteners to secure up to four drains. Eliminates the LightenedAbdominalBinderneed for safety pins.



  • Secures up to four drain bulbs eliminating the need for safety pins. Prevents pin sticks to staff, patients, or the drains. Paneled elastic construction.
  • Provides comfort and secures drains during Physical Therapy.
  • Plush back with hook and loop closure.
  • Stitching between horizontal panels allows binder to conform to body shape.
  • Available in 6”- 2 panel, 9”- 3 panel, 12”- 4 panel. 15”- 5 panel available upon request.
  • Latex Free.


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