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US Patent # 11,090,184

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Promedics Products Home of the Patented Prody™ Drainage Bulb Holder II

Secures post-surgical drains, including mastectomy drains.

Prody™ Abdominal Binder II w/Drain Fasteners

Prody™ Drainage Bulb Holder II Kit

The Prody™ Drainage Bulb Holder II is designed to securely hold all sizes of drainage bulbs,
with new, improved easy grip fasteners. It can be positioned on the chest, waist, abdomen or thigh.

Promotes maximum drain function and prevents accidental dislodgement.

Allows patients to move more freely and comfortably. Can be worn in the shower.
(If your surgeon allows showering, you will need two belts - one for showering - one for dry use.
After showering, the wet belt will air dry and be ready for your next shower.  Consider ordering the kit which includes two belts.)

Provides comfort and secures drains during Physical Therapy.

Soft, adjustable fabric with patented sewn on hook and loop fasteners for a pin free, tape free application.

Accommodates up to four drainage bulbs.

Decreases complications and improves outcomes.

Universal size (stretches up to 60 inches). Latex free.

Refer to Product Info for Prody™ Bulb Holder II Kit contents and various sizes of the Prody™ Abdominal Binder II


Made in USA
US Patent # 11,090,184