Drainage Bulb Holder II

Drainage Bulb Holder II Made in USA
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The Prody™ Drainage Bulb Holder II, with new improved, easy grip fasteners, was developed and designed by a Registered Nurse after working with patients and repeatedly experiencing the frustrations and complications related to securement of the drains. Because the Drainage Bulb Holder II was designed by a nurse, it addresses not only the clinical needs for a securement system that maximizes drain function, but also promotes patient comfort and decreases post-surgical stress. This will improve the quality of life while maximizing drain function and preventing complications.

Benefits and Clinical Advantages

  • Secures up to four drains eliminating the need for safety pins. Prevents pin sticks in staff, patients, or the drains.
  • Unique Patent Pending, sewn on fasteners individually secure each drain decreasing discomfort and allows easy visibility to determine need to empty drains.
  • Prevents ‘pulling’ or accidental dislodgement of the drains.
  • Provides comfort and secures drains during Physical Therapy.
  • It can be positioned on the chest, abdomen, waist, or thigh; and worn independently of gowns or clothing during the day, in bed at night, or in the shower if allowed (In that case you will need 2 belts).
  • Soft, non-latex adjustable fabric. Universal size (stretches up to 60 inches).

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