"I recently used the Prody™ Drainage Bulb Holder II for my post-DIEP surgery drain management and can honestly say, I loved it.

As much as you can love a drain bulb holder belt anyway!

If your surgery will require drains, you need this belt!"

Nancy Stordahl, blogger Nancy's Point
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One patient reported, "Half my tears after my breast surgery were related to my cancer diagnosis, but the other half were related to those darn drains."

"The (JP) Drainage Bulb Holder
is a safe and comfortable way for patients to manage their drains. My patients have found it easy to use and are happy the safety pin era has ended."

Dr. Marla Dudak, Breast Surgeon
Boca Raton, Florida


"Say Good-Bye to safety pins and HELLO to freedom. I had 3 reconstructive surgeries, during my battle with breast cancer, which required a lot of assistance with my drains. The Drainage Bulb Holder allowed me to move freely when dressing, showering and even sleeping. I strongly recommend this product!!"

Leslie Prude Reid, Breast Cancer Survivor
Dallas, Texas


“My wife has gone from referring to her drains as "utters" to being mobile and confident again overnight. Before using your belt she didn't want anyone to come over to visit post- surgery because of the scary, embarrassing drains hanging off a bathrobe belt she fashioned to hold them up. Since using your belt she has had people over and has gone out shopping 2 out of the last 3 days because she feels "human" again. It has certainly boosted her spirits as well, knowing she can shower by herself again, have people over, go out or just answer the front door again. it's also made sleeping much easier as she doesn't worry about laying on one of the drains.”

Rob and Demetra Innes


"From a nursing stand point, I really recommend the Drainage Bulb Holder. My patients love the comfort and security it provides them, and would not use anything else! The product is very easy to use and safe."

Donna Nigro, R.N.
Boynton Beach, Florida